How to reset all iOS simulators

Open the terminal and then execute: osascript -e \'tell application \"iOS Simulator\" to quit\' osascript -e \'tell application \"Simulator\" to quit\' xcrun simctl erase all Source:

How to install Raspbian

It’s so easy nnowadays that you can even image how difficult was (for the noobs, the pro are already pro). Go here and download the last version of NOOBS:

Size of tvOS icons

Just a few memo for iOS developer: Front, Middle, and Back (Large): 1280×768Front, Middle, and Back (Small): 400×240Launch Image: 1920×1080Top Shelf image: 1920×720...

Word of the day

Do you want to show off a sophisticated language but your vocabulary is always reduced to the same words? Do you want to enrich your dictionary with the words that...


Suppose you bought a new car and want to know what cost the last thee years. If you paid $ 20,000, and 365 days have passed, what will it cost...